J2F And…..

The fitness and dance mix program exclusively offered by Jig2Fit LLC is called Jig2Fit. We are also into education, theatre, art and events.


Bollywood Dance Workshops

For all hard core Bollywood dance aficionados, we host Bollywood Dance Workshops where you get to learn 3 minutes choreography. The focus of workshops is Dance, Attitude and Expression.

Private Lessons for Parties/Events

Age is definitely just a number. When it comes to dancing, get set to immerse in a fun and bonding experience with your loved ones while learning how to dance. Specialize in providing Bollywood, Belly dance, folk dance, Salsa, Bachata, Jazz lessons.

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Camps & Classes for kids

We host summer camps, after school workshops for kids Pre K onwards. The aim is Learning through Movement. Dance is a form expression and helps build motor and cognitive skills.