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What is Jig2Fit Workout?

Jig2Fit is a 45 mins non-stop Bollywood electro dance music (EDM) based fitness dance routine with variations dancers and non-dancers. It is a high intensity workout.

The idea is to Learn the choreography, Burn your calories and churn out that Fat. According to a test using My Fitness Belt people end up burning 550 calories.


Jig2Fit as an idea for workout originated in Dubai, U.A.E. Back in 2014, as popular demand, lot of members wanted desi music based workout with electro beats.

Currently, we hold classes in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

It’s all about a Great Recipe

Our muscles also has a little brain called Muscle Brain that learns and remembers all moves.

For better results and training, your workout needs to be refreshed and changed every 12 weeks before the muscle learns and starts doing Cheat Move


We have different releases focusing on your muscle building, toning, stamina and fat burning.

Family Day 2019

Try high intensity with a twist of Bollywood flavour.

Show Some Love!!

There is nothing better than giving back to our community. Watch out for Family Day, Mothers Day, Free Class Charity week and other fundraising events where we support our people and spread love and strength using Jig2Fit as a medium.

SloMo Workshop June 2019


Jig2Fit’ers Corner

Feedback is the key to success, whether that’s from the instructor or for the instructor!! We always encourage a healthy dialogue for better understanding of our lovely members.


Jaya Sharma

Aditi has designed Jig2fit program meticulously. Her class is a best way to workout and dance freely plus it’s always a joy. J2F class is high intensity which makes you burn lot of calories in 1 hour. She also shows low impact steps if you are a new bee :)..She focuses on your mistakes and tells how to fix them. She always strives harder to get the right posture out of you.The conditioning session after the class is best way to stretch and relax your body. It’s a fun experience.

Anar Sharma

I have seen a lot of toning in her lower group muscles. And I must tell you if you give your 100% to the class you get 100% best results.




Hema Vishwanathan

I thoroughly enjoy your class. I get a great cardio workout, along with an emphasis on correct form to get maximum results. Plus your infectious energy is a wonderful motivator. All together an Awesome combo deal. You simply rock”. Full “Paisa Vasool”